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Sportcash One provides a unique opportunity to introduce billions of sports fans across the globe to the world of blockchain and NFTs, creating a thriving and flourishing ecosystem for trading sports memorabilia, and digital content.

How can an athlete benefit from NFTs?



By selling your digital asset to your fans you can raise funds for your career, including them in a your private community!


In fact, you can use NFTs to sell certified physical items, as your Memorabilia, trophies, sport suits and various items.


Instead of publishing for free images and videos on Instagram think about to put on sale as NFT!


By selling an NFT you can offer a Greet & Meet videocall on Zoom and provide a extraordinary experience to your fans! 


By selling your NFT you can offer a special live training for your Sport fan, or the possibility to assist to your training session!

Get Remarkable Visibility

Monetize your content by selling it as NFTs directly to your community. Sell more physical products such as memorabilia by linking them to NFTs as an "entitlement."

We currently host users from 122 different countries around the world including Olympians, World Champions, and over 70 professional Athletes.
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150+ Athletes have joined Sportcash One

Join the community of many forward looking athletes who monetize their career and community via NFTs and Crypto. 

Why join us?

 Register & setup your NFT Profile 

Upload photos of victory, moments of triumph, and all the content you want associated with your brand as an athlete. Express yourself, and share who you are, and what you want the world to know about you as an athlete as monetizable NFTs. 

Monetize your digital content by selling NFTs.
Go direct to your community and capture the value by cutting out costly middle-men. 

 Engage your Community 

Build and curate your brand based on feedback from your fan base. Share photos from specific moments your fans request. By selling your content as NFTs you monetize your brand directly.

 Share your Goals and Challenges 

Keep yourself accountable by publicly stating and revealing your goals. Receive encouragement and constructive feedback as you and your community push one another to achieve your goals. Then savor in the glory of succes, or recalibrate and try again with the support of your community! Win and help Win.

Align your Community via NFTs 

Share your NFTs across your social profiles and personal website.  Give your community skin in the game by allowing them to purchase your content as a speculative and appreciating asset while providing you funding. Win-Win-Win. 

 Get exposure to Clubs and Sports Brands 

Our focused network of athletes, brands, sponsors, coaches, scouts, and sporting professionals means you gain tremondous exposure to the VIPs of the sporting world. Not only are you creating a community, you’re part of an exclusive community focused on providing value within the sporting world. If sporting entities want NFTs they come to our marketplace. 


What is
Sportcash One?

An innovative blockchain and Web3 solution for the Sports and E-Sports industries.

Our Tokenization-as-a-Service, NFT Marketplace, and Social Network provide athletes, clubs, brands, fans, gamers, and sponsors exposure and solutions within the Web3 ecosystem. NFTs and tokens continue to disrupt and improve the ways in which sporting entities engage directly with their fans. Sportcash One provides the Web3 solution at the convergence of tech, sports, and finance.

Take Your Career to the Next Level


What our Pro Athletes say:

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Ranini Cundasawmy
- World Champion Muay Thai -

"Earning for posting is easy with Sportcash One"
Jay Bothroyd
- Soccer Player -

"Proud to be an early adopter of Sportcash One’s project that is revolutionizing the sport’s world"
Paloma Martinez
- Hammer throw - 

"Sportcash One is the future of fan engagement and social media"
Daniel Egbunike
- MMA -

"Selling NFTs directly from my social page let’s me connect directly to fans"

Get the Facts

 What is Sportcash One and how can I benefit? 

An innovative financial system for the Sports & E-sports industry that connects athletes, gamers, clubs, brands, fans and sponsors. Our platform creates a bridge between the global sports market and the rapidly growing decentralized Web3 industry. Sportcash One gives fans and investors the ability to finance and invest in their favourite teams and athletes, as well as buy, sell and trade voting rights for a range of club decisions.

 How can I monetize with Sportcash One? 

Sportcash One offers Athletes several ways to monetize, as:
– A user registered as a professional athlete will earn SCOneX cryptocurrencies thanks to his social activity on the platform (exactly as if he earned for written posts and likes obtained on Facebook or Instagram!). SCOneX digital currencies can then be converted into national currencies such as Dollar or Euro.
– An athlete can receive direct donations from his fans
– An athlete’s verified profile can be used to partner with new clubs or to find sponsorships with sports brands.

 How can I grow my community? 

– Sell NFTs pegged to entitlements to give your community the experiences they crave
– Enjoy Powerful Network Effects within Sports Specific Communities


 What are NFTs and how can I create & sell? 

“Non-Fungible Tokens” or NFTs are cryptographically unique stored data on blockcahins that certify a digital asset is not interchangeable. You can mint, create, and share NFTs directly from your social profile and sell them on our NFT marketpalce. Crowdsource ideas from your community and immediately translate their desire for your content by selling NFTs on the blockchain. NFTs allow the issuer a portion of resells in perpetuity.

Is there a sign-up or resgistration fee?

Sportcash One is completely free to it’s users. Set up your profile, and starting monetizing your content today!